1October 1994Inflated Pentominoes1 to 898
2December 1994Bridge Pentominoes90 to 13012
3February 1995Family of Pentominoes131 to 15515
4April 1995Pentominoes Farms156 to 19514
5June 1995Ramps Pentominoes196 to 26024
6August 1995Holes Pentominoes261 to 37531
7October 1995Superposing Pentominoes376 to 39323
8December 1995Pentominoes Rings394 to 40218
9February 1996Square Formations and inflated replications403 to 42822
10April 1996Flip Flop a new family of puzzles429 to 43222
11June 1996Covering regions with the same pieces433 to 44221
12August 1996Building Pentominoes443 to 49528
13October 1996Letter Polyominoes496 to 51314
14December 1996Cutting the square and number of rectification514 to 51721
15February 1997Rookminoes and Knightminoes518 to 53415
16May 1997Packaging535 to 5566
17September1997Stamps Pentominoes557 to 5668
18December 1997Squares567 to 58518
19June 1998Tyling with pairs of polyominoes586 to 59420
20December 1998Polyominoes with holes595 to 60610
21August 1999Dissections607 to 61514
22February 2000Numbers616 to 65934
23October 2009Blocking Polyominoes660 to 67876
24June 2010Vertices679 to 69323
25March 2012Not in Touch694 to 70616
26March 2014Egalitarian Rectangles707 to 71119
27August 2017In Touch Polyominoes712 to 72623
28August 2018Touching Area Polyominoes727 to 74827
29April 2019All but 1749 to 75052
30April 2020No Space751 to 7538
31May 2020Equable Polyominoes754 to 75610
32in the futureMore New Topics757 to 7XXXX

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